Welcome New Teachers

Welcome to ASFM New Teachers!  We have a few different tools that we use here that you will be introduced to upon your arrival.  The information below will help you navigate these new tools and understand the job of each tool and who the people are that you can ask for help.


  • On your laptop: Find the icon that looks like a postage stamp or search “mail”
  • Access your ASFM e-mail from any web browser with this link: http://mail.asfm.edu.mx/webmail/
  • Username = firstname.lastname (ex. john.smith)
  • Password = single sign in

ASFM Website

PowerSchool – PowerSchool is a Student Information System which handles student, staff, and class information from grades to attendance and from parent notifications to discipline reports.

Online Classroom Content

  • ELEM Teachers
    • SchoolWorld (N-2) – Keep parents up to date about what is happening in your classroom.  Provide extra resources for students and encourage 21st Century learning. http://teachersites.schoolworld.com/
    • Edmodo (2-5) – With a facebook like user interface made specifically for school use, students can connect with classmates, teachers, and submit assignments using this tool.  Parents can also be kept in the loop on what’s new in the classroom.  http://www.edmodo.com
    • ALEKS (3-5) – Math differentiation
    • IXL (K-2) – Math Practice
    • Learning A-Z (K-5) – Students work with leveled readers
    • BrainPop – Watch informational videos on various topics and have student complete activities afterwards.
  • MSHS Teachers
    • Edu2.0 – Interact with your students online.  Share classroom resources, assign work, collect assignments, post announcements about the work done in your classroom.
    • Language Arts
      • ASFM WordPress Blogs – Grades 6-12
      • Turnitin.com – Grades 6-12
    • Socials Teachers
      • Turnitin.com – Grades 6-12
    • Math Teachers
      • ALEKS – Grade 7, 8, and Pre-AP Calc
      • IXL – Grade 6
      • Geometer Sketch Pad – Grades 6-12
      • TI-89 Calculators – BACH
      • SMART Boards
    • Science Teachers
      • Vernier Sensors – Grades 6-12
      • Web Assign – AP Physics

Google Apps – This tool is used for online collaboration between teams and students.  Google Apps is made up of several different tools that can be accessed from one login.

  • Google Docs – Online storage and document sharing/collaborating tool
  • Google Sites – MSHS teams use Google Sites to make important information easily accessible
  • Others – There are many other tools under Google Apps, but are not yet adopted as daily tools in the ASFM classroom.  Please feel free to explore and use any of them.
  • http://www.google.com/a/asfm.edu.mx
  • Username = ASFM e-mail
  • Password = self created after first login

Safari Montage – Instructional support videos.  Safari Montage has thousands of videos you can use to support your classroom instruction with content specific videos from National Geographic, World Factbook, etc.

Looking for help with Tech 

  • Want help integrating technology into your curriculum?
    • Director of Tech Integration – Sean Sweeney
    • Tech Integration Specialist – Diana Saldana
    • Digital Teachers – these are classroom teachers who love to help others use technology to improve student learning.
  • E-mail the ASFM help desk with a detailed explanation of your problem.

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