Staying Current: CES 2014

Each year in Las Vegas at the turn of the new year, there is a conference held where tech companies reveal products that they are either working on or plan to release for consumers to purchase.  This year, the theme seems to be wearable technologies.

Following what CNET and other tech blogs have to say about this conference and the products that are making their début for 2014 is a great way to learn about what could be making its way to a classroom soon.  It is also good to think about how access to these new inventions can change the way that we and our students interact in the future with each other, information, spaces, or places.  I encourage you to explore the link shared at the beginning of this paragraph, but if nothing more, I dare you to dream about how the following two items could impact the teaching and learning environment.

What does it mean for our students when this is the information they are able to tap into and how they could interact with their environment in the future? The writing/answer is literally written on the wall.

To me, I see this changing the way that teachers and student interact with their devices.  Also, that this can replace the need for interactive whiteboards at a fraction of the cost.

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