Connecting Google Drive to Create More

The beauty of Google Drive is that you can easily organize and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.  You can also upload a plethora of various types of files that can also be shared within folders for others to view or download for their needs.  However for me as an educator, I feel that there is one major flaw in the things that one can through Google Drive….LINKS!  As an educator, you want to keep all of your resources for student learning in one spot and it is really a pain that the only way you can really share a link through Google Drive is to create a document that you then add a link within.

CELEBRATE, there is a way after all.  Did you know that you can “CONNECT TO MORE” in Google Drive.  The “CONNECT TO MORE” feature allows you to connect your Google Drive account to other online applications.  One of which is called gLink.  This application allows you create links that you can add to your Google Drive folders to share with others.  There are other great apps that you can connect to like Lucid Chart, which is a flow chart maker & online diagramming software, and Movenote Presentation, which allows you to record video of yourself while also showing the slides of your presentation.

So how do you connect to these great Apps?  The steps aren’t too hard.  I am going to provide you with the input for connecting to gLink and you can then test your skills as you search for other helpful apps that can be connected to your account.

There are two processes to getting a link into Google Drive.  Neither is difficult or time consuming.  The first is a one time process, once it is done, the app will be connected to your Google Drive Account.  The second is just the process for adding a link to your folders, so this process takes place each time you add a link.

Process 1:

In Google Drive, Click on “Create” on the left side kinda towards the top

You will see at the bottom that it says, “Connect More Apps”

Click “Connect More Apps”

A window will pop up

In the search box towards the top right, type, “gLink”

Click on the button that says “+ Connect”

I think it will then ask if you want this to be your default, Select YES


Process 2:

Now that you have connected to this app, anytime you want to include a link in a Google Drive folder, you can click the “Create” button

Select “gLink”

Then follow the instructions to add a link.

Make sure that the link is organized into the folder you want it to show in.


The only hiccup to this is that anyone that you want to be able to click an view the gLink will need to install access to the gLink app just as you did using Process 1 above.



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