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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Release Date And Expected Features

Last two years were amazing years when we saw lots of improvements and new features in terms of Smartphone. All the major companies are competition each other highly.Google and Samsung are showing consistency over the last two years and are the two big names in the Smartphone industry. There was a survey and according to that Samsung Note 3 got its position in the top five note of the year. Korean company is the most talked about.Every year it has something new for its fans. Excitement is heated up because soon the company is going to launch Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Galaxy 4 is not released yet still people are waiting for note 5 this is really very interesting. All this hype comes direct from the company.

Release date

 The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 release date of the gadget has not been announced yet. With this new launch we are really going to witness some nice trends in the Smartphone industry.Specifications of Note 4 are already buzzing in the market and slowly the way is heading to Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Note 3 were having pretty excited features and customers were also satisfied with the offerings. Many purchased the note and took advantages of its features. It came along new S pen which was an exciting feature. Most of the professional’s opted note 3 because of its high end features. It has a sixteen megapixel camera, 3500 mAh battery and much more. All this has elevated the excitement level.

Note 5 features

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is expected to be high end note of the 2015.Note 3 were having mind blowing features and much more is expected reform note 5. Note 4 arealso expected to set the trends andare going to increase the fame of the company. Here are some of the expected features of galaxy 5.

  • Metallic curved body with aluminum edges
  • 5.9 inch four K screen six hundred plus pixels
  • Four GB RAM  is expected
  • There might be three variants anddifferent in storing capacity; 64 GB, 32 GB and 16 GB.
  • It will be water resistant and scratch, dust proof
  • Latest android version
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will haveOcta core processor 2.9 GHz  and 64 Bit processor
  • Retina scanner, finger print sensors
  • Eighteen megapixel camera with extreme recording capabilities
  • Five megapixel back camera  for selfish
  • Super battery saver feature
  • Stylus S pen

Specification of the note 5

The Note is expected to have advanced specification. This is definitely going to be the next flagship of the company. Its memory is expandable and will be available in three variants.Samsung Galaxy Note 5 display is making for watching videos andplaying games. You will be able to record high quality videos with this phone. It features flight mode, gyroscope, musical ringtones, accelometer, fast data support 5G features and much more.

 Price of the note

 The price of theSamsung Galaxy Note 5is expected to be little high. It is going to beat all the records of the previous note pads with its high end features.But we will have to wait till the launch of the note.

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