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Some Tips To Repair Broken Screen Of iPhone Yourself

Do you have an iPhone? Do you need to repair its broken screen yourself? Whatever your answer is, we will first clarify the concept of the iPhone in this article. The iPhone is a smart phone produced by the renowned company Apple. This phone is equipped with touch screen which makes it easy for users to make calls and navigate all through the iPhone just with the touch of a fingertip. Although, the screen of this iPhone is unbreakable but it gets cracked or breaks down if it is not handled properly or in case of falling down on the ground. So, one would wonder how to repair the broken screen of iPhone yourself. Lets’ make your iPhone 4 look brand new by following some simple tips.

Collect the things required for repair of the iPhone screen- First of all you must gather all the things required to repair an iPhone 4 screen. Some of these things include small screwdriver, paper clip, iPhone meddling tool, rubbing alcohol, cloth, iPhone replacement screen, tweezers and utility knife. Once all the things are in front of you, start repairmen procedure for the broken iPhone screen.

Removal of SIM card-  Make a paper clip straight and push its one end into the small hole which is found at the top end of the iPhone. It is done so as to take out the SIM card holder. After opening of the SIM card holder, take out the SIM card and again close the holder.

Removal of screws from the iPhone- Following this, the two screws accessible at the bottom end of the iPhone is removed with the help of a screwdriver. You will find a closure amid the body of the iPhone and the screen immediately above the ‘Home’ button. You have to insert the meddling tool in this closure so as to meddle the screen of the iPhone up from the body so that the connectors are made clear.

Removal of connector wires- Then the connector wires are removed with the meddling tool and the white bolt is tossed up with the meddling tool so as to remove the ribbon connected to the base. Then tweezers are used to drag the two black strips of the tape from the left and right sides of the screen.

Removal of screws- Using a screwdriver, you must remove the screws which fix the LCD assembly to the screen frame and insert the meddling tool in between to take out the screen frame from the LCD assembly. Then the edge of the utility knife is inserted amid the screen and screen frame to take out the broken screen out of the frame. By using rubbing alcohol and cloth, the remaining adhesive is removed from the screen frame.

Insertion of new adhesive strips-Then the new adhesive strips are attached to the top and bottom of the screen frame and the new iPhone screen is pressed into place. Then all the parts including screen frame, LCD assembly, connectors and the screws are reassembled back to their original positions step-by-step in reverse series in which they were dismantled.

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