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Things To Consider Before Choosing Anonymous Web Domains

An anonymous web domain refers to a website hosted over the internet, for which, the registration information is not directly linked to the owner of the site, rather to a proxy. This type of registration process is carried out to hide the identity of the owner of the website from all the internet users, where this domain is also called as a private domain. The use of an anonymous domain is associated with a number of benefits as well as shortcomings, where the major benefit is concerned for the security and safety of the online data from cyber criminals.

There are a number of factors that need to be considered, before hiring a company offering anonymous hosting services. Some of the considerable factors, while choosing anonymous domain names for your website are discussed as below.

  • Level of Privacy: This is the main factor that needs to be considered, while making a choice for the hosting service. There are a number of websites like those dealing with adult content or other such services, where the privacy of the website owner is the main concern for prevention from legal actions and hackers. Some website owners need only a partial anonymity, while some demand a complete privacy. There are different types of hosting companies available, where some demand owner’s true information, but keep it hidden in their records only, while others provide a registration with the fake data without verifying it. Thus, you can choose the type of service, according to your need, while a complete privacy will cost higher than the other one.


  • Data collected by the registrar: After making out the type of hosting service required by you, the next step involves the data that the registrar will demand to get you registered with an anonymous domain. You must determine the choice of the registrar depending on the personal data that demanded by the hosting company to get you registered.
  • Privacy Policies: After sharing your information with the hosting company, you need to be sure of the fact that it is not leaked to any third party, causing an identity breach. Thus, you must check with the privacy policies of the host before getting registered, so as to make sure that your personal and other important data is in safe hands, if you are registering with a company that asks for real information.


  • Hosting Location: Along with the privacy policies of the hosting company, the location of the registrar also matters a lot, which needs to be considered with respect to two vital aspects. As there are different lawsuits in different countries, so you must make sure that your host is located in the country, where you don’t have to face any legal obligation for the surrender of your information. Along with this, the location also matters to attract more customers, as many customers check with the hosting location of a website, before dealing with its services.


With the help of the above mentioned tips, you are likely to find a company that offers you a complete privacy along with the anonymous domain names to host your site.

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