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Tips For Picking The Right Phone Cover For Your Smart Phone

Buying a smartphone is just one of the first steps towards making many more complex decisions. After that, you have to take tons more decisions including what theme to set, what wallpaper to choose, what lamination to put as well as what cover to buy for your newly acquired phone.

Picking out the right cover is just as essential in preserving the life of your phone for a longer period of time. Here are a few tips towards getting a good phone cover for your smartphone:

Protection Trumps Looks

While showing off a trendy cool covers is one of the best ways to channel our inner personality, be sure to keep in mind why your phone needs a cover in the first place. A phone performs various functions such as giving added protection among others. Be sure your phone is well protected by the cover and try opt for one which comes with a front flip to protect the screen from scratches as well. It’s always nice to know your cover can protect your phone from a nasty fall and maybe save you loads of money which you’d otherwise spend in replacing your broken phone.


Most covers especially for phablets and tablets can transform and act as a stand for you to hold your device still on your lap or desk while watching a movie. This can be a great advantage which would save you the trouble of having to extend your arms or balance your phone precariously to view the screen horizontally. This is another function you can look into while picking out a cover.

Get amazing covers that also behave as stands to improve the functionality of the cover using flipkart coupons to avail great deals by earning not just discounts but cash back as well!

Fashion Statement

Many a time covers help your device make a smart fashion statement. They can be sleek and shiny, eye catching with lots of bling and glitter or just sophisticated with a leather finish. You can go in for a look which best describes and reflects your personality. If you’re an iPhone user, you might want to buy a cover that displays the Apple logo behind the phone rather than hiding it for the world to see! You can even go in for a themed cover which declares your love for a particular movie or character for the world to know your inner nerd side!


This of course is another factor you need to consider before buying your phone its perfect cover. While some people go in for a gold cover or a cover with Swarovski diamonds, you need to be conscious about what you can afford and what suits your pocket best. Blowing off a large sum of money isn’t worth it just to show the world. Even a simple themed cover can do wonders to your phone as long as it gives good protection to your phone. After all just as a book shouldn’t be judged by its cover nor should a phone!

If you’re looking for budget friendly phone covers to adorn your newly bought phone, take a look at amazon coupons that offer you variety of phone covers for various phone models and also help you earn cash back over discounts.

Design and Fit

Finding a phone case is like finding the right pair of shoes- it won’t work if it ain’t a perfect fit! Many a time people go in for fake replicas of phones or try to buy them from cheap market places to save money. Such cases might not be made to the exact dimensions of your phone and once you start using it you might find the cover covering up the microphone jack or camera lens which will just leave you frustrated. Hence try to go in for an authentic case by knowing the exact model of your phone and one which fits your phone like a glove.

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