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7 Days To Die – Review

7 days to die, a survival horror video game developed by The Fun Pimps, is set amid a post-apocalyptic world filled with zombies, where your sole objective is to try to survive as long as possible. The game takes place outside a small area in Arizona after an unknown war has destroyed most of the region. The player is tasked with the objective to survive by finding the most basic means of survival – shelter, food and water. During the survival process, you also have to make weapons to protect yourself by scavenging the area for supplies.

At the beginning of the game, you will find it quite easy to fight off the zombies and survive as long as you can. But as you pass each stage, you will notice the zombies gaining more strength and becoming way more aggressive, making it tougher for you to lay your hands on the basic survival necessities. There are numerous difficult hurdles to your survival and you need to have a complete knowledge of scavenging, crafting and use of items in order to overcome those hurdles. The game presents a lot of opportunities and threats, and the players should have the ability to analyze, prioritize and take advantage of them in the best way possible to stay in the game. You can purchase the t-shirt of this game from Sunfrog.

The game features a day and night cycle, where the zombies are slow and weak during the day, and strong, aggressive and hungrier during the night. This basically means that you have to hide quietly in your shelter at night, and try not to attract the attention of the zombies. However, the zombies may still find you and try to enter your shelter by busting down the door. On your first day, you will be told to find basic items for your survival. As far the guidance to the game is concerned, this is just about it. After finding these stuff, you are on your own  and you have to find you own ways of survival by exploring and scavenging.

Exploring for supplies, looking out for danger and protecting your survival items, all at the same time makes the game a bit too difficult. Crafting items is quite easy as it a menu -based system, where you can craft anything with the ingredients you have collected.  All you have to do is choose the recipe and press up on the d-pad to build it. Scavenging, on the other hand is very difficult, as you won’t be able to find useful items easily. You will be forced to take whatever items that come by and find ways to make the best use out of them.

On the seventh day of the game, a large group of zombies will come after you and try to kill you. If you are not equipped with the defense weapons necessary, you’ll find yourself in a very difficult situation, as the zombies can find you wherever you hide. Although 7 days to die is based on an interesting plot, there are certain aspects to the way in which the game is created, that makes it disappointing and displeasing such as the inability to find the right resources, lack of clear instructions, difficulty in navigating and not  so impressive user interface and graphics. Keeping aside these drawbacks, 7 days to die is a captivating game that has a lot of potential. The cdkey of this game can be purchased from G2A, you may use coupons to from Coupon Goo to save on your order.

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