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Software Professionally Designed For Psychometric Tests

Companies nowadays are putting the candidates who apply for various jobs through psychometric tests to properly assess various kinds of qualities such as leadership skills, managerial skills, communication skills, language skills, team building ability, stress tolerance, personality, interpersonal skills and others. The psychometric tests help the companies in identifying the right candidate to suit their needs during the hiring process.

There are many agencies offering online psychometric tests in Chennai for companies. The online mode of the tests makes them much more convenient for the companies. These tests are designed by trained teams of psychologists who are well versed in different kinds of psychometric assessments. Some have been mentioned here.

Leadership assessment

The leadership assessment test seeks to identify leadership strengths in a candidate on the basis of four parameters such as quality of leading people, result driven, building partnerships and leading changes. There are several other competencies that are tested in the candidate. This test is suitable for the post of President, Vice-President and Director along with other posts such as executive officers and mid-management level positions.

Managerial skills assessment

This test determines the candidate’s skills in performing a managerial role in the company. The main areas that are tested include professional, interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. These skills are crucial for managers cutting across sectors, industries and other job profiles. Critical thinking and decision making abilities are also assessed through this test.

Integrity test

Integrity test is also offered by most of the companies dealing with online psychometric tests in chennaiThe integrity test is important for corporate business houses and other organizations because the integrity of the employees must be above board to prevent scams and scandals. Adherence to rules and regulations is also possible only if the employees are honest. The integrity test measures the level of integrity of the employees through expertly designed questions. The basic integrity test is designed for workers with less educational qualifications such as drivers, peons, cleaners, etc. The standard integrity test is designed for clerical employees, managerial positions and other top positions in the company.

Test for IT jobs

The psychometric test of IT jobs helps IT companies in recruiting employees for various positions. This test is designed to identify the various skills and competencies that an employee of an IT company is expected to possess.  This test is suitable for software testing and development engineers, senior technology staff and programming interns.

Sales skills test

Sales is the crucial department for any business organization. The sales skills test helps companies in choosing the best candidates for their sales departments. The skills test delves into the personality traits of the candidate along with his/her behavioural features. The aptitudes necessary for success in sales are also determined through this test.

The results are interpreted by trained and certified psychometricians. The psychometric report should be integrated with other sources of information when arriving at a decision to hire the said person. The normal probability distribution scores for a particular group are used to determine the proficiency levels.



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