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Upcoming Vehicle Technologies And Gadgets

Technology in the automotive industry is advancing at an alarming rate with new gadgets and game-changing features hitting the market every day. These high-tech features are designed to do a number of things; from saving fuel to saving drivers’ lives with stability control systems, there is no denying that the auto industry is changing the driving experience. On the same breath are innovative navigation, entertainment and communication apps for car that have made driving an amazing experience. MGT Design is a company that has number of mobile app developer Northampton which create some interesting apps and the apps make your journey comfortable as well as entertaining. Discussed below are some of the latest vehicle technologies apps and gadgets that have left a mark in the industry.

Super Tooth HD.

This high-end speaker comfortably clips on your driver’s seat and connects to over to Bluetooth. It has two microphones and two speakers connected to it which picks up what you say before playing a clear audio. Thanks to voice recognition software it has, you can connect it to Bluetooth and receive calls using your voice while driving. And what is the plus? Well, it supports up to 12 languages, including German and Spanish. It can also be used together with a Dvla contact number.

Garmin Nuvi 3597 LMTHD.

Now that most drivers are using Garmin, there is no denying that this is one of the most upcoming car gadgets this year. But what makes this outstanding gadget turn heads? Well, while you are on the wheel, Garmin tells you to turn to a particular direction like, say, left or right towards a gas station. With this high-end gadget, you no longer need to depend on street names to find your way across town. In addition to that, it has a magnetic connector that enables it to pop p in place.

Dedicated Short Range Communication.

This is a technological advancement that literally enables vehicles to talk to each other. It is a short-range, two-way wireless technology that enables vehicles to remotely exchange vital data with other vehicles s well as with traffic signals at a 900 feet range. Its primary function is to assess the vehicle’s surrounding environment with other vehicles that are equipped with the gadget.

Kensington Proximo.

Specially designed for businessmen and women who do not want to lose their phones, this high-end gadget is a great addition to any automobile. You simply need to leave the gadget in your car and, with the help of a Smartphone, you will be able to locate where you parked your car. It comes in handy when visiting a new city or when you just can’t find your way back. You can alternatively attach it to your key ring and kiss goodbye to losing your car keys.

Augmented reality boards.

While it is true that GPS systems are great for movement, in the near future, automobiles will have the ability to identify external objects lying in front of the driver and relay specific information about them on the windshield. This amazing gadget not only has the ability to bring out information about such objects, but can also identify who or what they are. It comes in handy when avoiding collision with others cars, especially when approaching sharp bends or when driving along busy highways.

Energy-saving body panels.

It is predicated that by 2040, nearly a half of all new cars will be hybrids. The panels would be able to capture energy then feed the same to the car’s lithium battery.

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