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Top 3 Second Hand Phones

Tired of using the same old phone? Wanna buy a new one? We sure do, we sure most people want to have a new phone but contemplating just because a new phone is expensive. But do you know you could really get a new phone without spending a lot of money? Yes that could be possible if you have your old handset sellable.Nowadays the most searched question on the internet is can I really sell my old phone and get a decent price on it? Well the answer yes. 

Here we are listing the top 3 most demanded second hand phones that can help you to grab an amazing deal.

Iphone 7 plus- people carry an immense love, a strong fascination towards Iphones. So if you have this model and want to sell it, there is an amazing opportunity. This model has super advanced features like Retina HD screen, amazing battery performance, Improved lenses and most importantly a lot of spaces. Yes it contains 3 GB RAM that ensures faster performance, no issues of hanging. So if you have this model and you are bored using this, this is the time to get it’s worth. Potential buyers don’t wait too long. Enlist your phone to sell now so that you can get a fair price. 

Google Pixel 2- it’s another masterpiece by Google. Google is the most trusted brand nowadays.It comes with a 5.00 inch display, 2700 mAh battery and high-quality cameras. This handset was launched in the year 2017 and it’s still loved by a lot of people for its high backup of storage.It has 4 GB ram that allows users to download freely without worrying about storage. Google the brand name is enough to make your second hand phone demanded among buyers.So yes if you have this one with you, want to utilize its strength of reusing no time is better than now.

Honor magic- Honor is another popular brand for selling best quality mobile phones at fair prices.This is a smartphone that has android version 6.0.Though it was launched during the year 2016 still it has 4G features. Another reason why people would like to buy it is that it has every advanced feature that people can’t even expect from a second hand phone. Proximity sensors to 4 GB ram every single feature makes this phone worth buying despite being second hand. Also connectivity features this phone is better than thousands of expensive handsets such as Wi-Fi, Hotspot, GPS everything you expect from a newly launched smartphone. 

These three models are still the most demanded smartphones even after being second hand.So if you have any of these, it’s the time for making some money and grabbing a new handset. 

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