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Cool Computing In A Cold Climate

This autumn, the explorer, Ben Saunders together with Tarka L’Herpiniere will attempt to retrace the footsteps of the famous Scott expedition to the South Pole.


The intrepid duo expect to walk the 1,800 mile return journey without team backup and successfully complete the challenge started by Captain Scott over 100 years ago. Unlike, Captain Scott, Saunders and L’Herpiniere will be able to gather support from the Twitter and Facebook community as well as documenting their progress and gathering vital data about the South Pole. One major problem for the team has been to ensure that their 21st century technology will work in the freezing cold of the Antarctic wastes. Temperatures are set to plummet to below –30 degrees centigrade, so the men have received the support of the Swindon based technology firm, Intel in order to test drive their computing equipment.

Computing Challenge

Talking about the Terra Nova expedition, Saunders said, ‘ finishing Scott’s journey is a mammoth undertaking but, as an athlete, one that I’m hugely looking forward to, and at the same time using modern technology to celebrate this remarkable story.’ Anyone who wants to follow the expedition’s progress can find discount laptops here and track the journey from the warmth and comfort of their own home.

The Journey

Both explorers are endurance athletes, which should work to their advantage. The journey will take 110 days and the men will have to walk an average of nine hours a day in freezing temperatures in order to complete the challenge. Temperatures can drop suddenly and snowstorms are a common feature of the weather in the Antarctic. Sadly, Captain Scott and his team died just 150 miles short of their target and this is the first expedition to retrace and complete Scott’s heroic endeavour. The two men will be sharing a tent that they have suggested ‘breaks all human rights conventions going.’ They will, though have access to electricity when they tie a solar panel on the roof of the tent and unlike Scott’s team; their clothes will be weather worthy. Saunders and L’Herpiniere have already recorded that they will be able to eat freeze dried lamb tagine, among other delights to make up a part of their essential 6,000 daily calorie intake.


Technology will play an important part in the expedition and online followers will be able to see uploaded videos, as well as diary recordings. The team will employ all social media, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and messages of support will always be welcome. The laptops will be powered by a 4th generation Intel core processor and the men will be able to communicate with the rest of the world via a data connection that will connect with a satellite phone and finally with a London based server. The pair will be using an Intel Next Unit of Computing (NUC) powered by solar panel and the equipment has been customised so that it can be transported by a sled and will be able to operate in the extreme cold.

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