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Improve Your Dental Practice With Management Software

Specific software has been developed for every industry, and the dental industry is no exception. What once took hours to do by hand can now be done on a computer in just a few minutes. Management software can make running your dental practice much more efficient, saving you and your employees effort, time, and resources. If you’ve been using common spreadsheet and word-processing programs rather than a suite of management programs, you’re still working harder than you should be. Here are some of the things management software can do for you.

Manage Appointments and Reminders

You can’t see patients who don’t remember to make their yearly appointments. Keeping a list of when you need to send reminders to these patients can be difficult if you’re doing it manually. With management software, however, you can automate the process so that the list of patients is ready for you at the beginning of each month. You can even decide how you want to contact the patient and have all of the needed information ready when you want it. You’ll see your recall effectiveness greatly improves with this software.

Manage Your Online Reputation

With social media sites continuing to grow, you have to keep your online reputation under control. Today’s newest application suites include tools to help you manage that reputation. You’ll be able to ask your patients to leave reviews and give you feedback via email. You can direct them to any social media site you want. These emails remind patients to leave reviews and to share their satisfaction with your services with others.

Track Your Marketing Campaigns

Your dental practice management software may also include integrated marketing campaign tools that help you create, manage, and track your advertising. These tools can automatically send out emails and other marketing pieces to select individuals on specified dates. All you have to do is schedule your campaigns and let the software do the rest. You don’t even have to be that familiar with designing ads or creating marketing pieces. These tools include templates and other designs that can be personalised however you like.

Workflow Management

Of course, no dental practice tool would be complete without a workflow manager to help you keep track of your patient appointments and reminders. Each time you see a patient, the program will remind you how often that individual needs to come in and prompt you to create their next appointment, if the patient is agreeable. You and your staff will also be reminded of other relevant details, including missing patient information, any outstanding payments, and more.

Utilisation Management

Another tool that helps improve your efficiency is the utilisation manager. If you have a cancelation, this tool scans your list of future appointments and recommends patients who would benefit from an earlier appointment time. Your staff can quickly contact one of these patients and bump them up to the open slot if they can make that appointment. It helps to ensure you never have any empty appointments.

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