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Samsung Galaxy S7 With New Camera Specs

Samsung has already shown to the world the big Samsung Galaxy S6 and probably it is a hit already but few of the things like camera is not revolutionary, so at the moment eyes moves towards the next launching Samsung Galaxy S7.

There are enough updates in the Galaxy S6 as compare to the previous S5 but camera specs are just okay. The front camera is equipped with a 5 megapixel sensor, the rear uses a sensor 16 megapixel with automatic optical image stabilization (OIS) and adjusting the white balance with the IR sensor. The camera also uses the AF tracking of moving objects. Both cameras are Auto HDR in real time and have aperture F1.9, which transmits more light on the sensor. And in he camera section we can expect big changes to be happened with the Galaxy S7.

As the software section is concerned, the Samsung Galaxy S6 come with default OS Android Lollipop and the new version of Samsung TouchWiz UI, which has acquired a fresh design. New TouchWiz interface adheres to the philosophy of the Material Design Google (material design) and allows more efficient use of colors for visual cues and change the dark background light. The last factor reduces the battery life, as AMOLED-display consumes more power when displaying white. The interface is noticeable emphasis on simplicity and efficiency. Icons have been replaced with a text description; frequently used controls are within easy reach. With the new Quick Launch (Quick Launch) simplified access to the camera. Now after double clicking on the Home as a lock screen, and from any application, the camera is turned on in less than one second. Curved screen in S6 Edge is needed not only for beauty. By analogy with Note 4 Edge, it carries additional functionality, some features, along with the aforementioned visual changes. But all of these things are not enough as a real revolutionary smartphone would be more different. Due to the emphasis on design and ease instead of a long list of sometimes poorly implemented and unnecessary frills small, S6 and S6 Edge noticeably refresh line Galaxy, which is exactly what you need to Samsung, to remain competitive in the smartphone segment premium. Lack of support for microSD-cards and non-removable battery may scare off some fans of Galaxy, but the new attractive design, presumably high performance and useful features such as wireless charging, Samsung Pay, biometric authentication, as well as rapid start-up camera, significantly increase the attractiveness of Samsung Galaxy S6 for new customers.

Both models Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge are available worldwide at the very interesting but high price. And Samsung should consider the lowering of price but it would not be happening so early, wait for few months, even an year till the launch of Samsung Galaxy S7 then only the price of Galaxy S6 would suffer from significant change.

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