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Why Do We Require Resource Management Software?

The growing competitiveness and the need to cope with an increasingly diversified and changing demand have pushed companies to change their strategies by focusing more on quality and innovation. The human factor becomes fundamental in the redefinition of business processes.

The management of personal data of employees, collaborators, and contractual documentation is a duty for the entire HR department; it is essential to collect and apply security measures on data such as telephone number, address, and personal information, in compliance with the Privacy Code and current regulations.

Besides all, the following aspects are fundamental:

  • From managing the reminders, deadlines, internal communication to personnel requests, and disciplinary measures.
  • The management of schedules, shifts, holidays, and permits, an aspect that is never negligible.
  • Access management in the workplace: attendance is one of the fundamental elements of the employment relationship.
  • Given the complexity of the administrative profile in human resources management, cloud computing and new technologies have exponentially speeded up operations.

In the last few years, there has been a massive increase in resource management software and tools, thanks to new technologies. 

Let’s see which one comes together when we talk about these management tools.

Attendance detection

A high demanding tool through which you can facilitate the management of attendance detection in the company is to have the software, for this area, in the Cloud. It is a tool within everyone’s reach, able to have all internal and external company personnel stamped everywhere, without going directly to the company offices.

Timesheet and activity management

It is not exactly new, but an exciting tool is timesheet and activity management. The timesheet is the worksheet of each employee and keeps a record of dedicated time for the desired task and activity. With this tool,  it is easy to monitor business processes and production cycles.

HR management

 It all starts from having a complete and extremely organized HR database with employee records management; then everything concerning personnel documentation, contractual information related to individuals. A particular focus is given to the management of deadlines: with this software, you never forget important deadlines and other HR-related work.

Staff  performance evaluation

A last, particularly innovative tool is that of personnel performance evaluation. It is very important to assign and manage human resources’ skills in the company and therefore focus on the optimal skills for your organization. Thanks to the resource management software, it is now easy to keep under control the training needs to develop human resources. Therefore you have all the useful data to develop a strategy for internal, external, and specialized company training.

Find out how we at ABC have created several innovative software for resource management; we have everything a cutting-edge company needs for the complete HR cycle!

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